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At 18swings, we understand that finding the right professional golf coach, in your area and within a time slot to suit you, can be a real pain!

This is why we have built a platform entirely dedicated to golf training, both in person and virtually online.

Amateurs can book a golf lesson through the 18swings platform with a Golf Professional of their choice, in their local area or virtually, enabling access to the best professional golf coaches in the world.

The players' dashboard includes a private messaging service, video analysis, lesson schedules, real time updates and enables players to keep track of their performance.

Our platform was built for both amateurs and professionals in mind.

For Amateurs

We find the best Professional, anywhere in the world, at a convenient time, place and price, working on a specific area, putting, driving, etc. which is more cost effective and easier to use than anything else on the market.

For Professionals

We provide a fantastic pro-dashboard, which manages your diary more efficiently, access to much more clients both in person in your local area and online around the world, resulting in booking more lessons and ultimately becoming much more profitable.

Video Analysis

Golf video analysis tool

Players can simply send a video of their swing to a professional of their choosing anywhere in the world to analyse their swing via the video analysis software within the 18swings platform.

It is a simple step-by-step in-app feature to ensure the best angles are shot to provide the clearest angles for the professional to review and provide feedback on. This service can range from as little as $20 all the way up to $10,000 for a top 10 PGA player.

This service allows borderless golf lessons, helping those in low golfing areas to have access to the best golf professionals in the world anytime they wish.

The video analysis will include audio commentary by the professional and cleanly drawn lines on the video to emphasis certain points and positions, resulting in an extremely helpful tool that players can revert back to time and time again and, of course, post online and share with their friends or other golf professionals.


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